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new lj   
06:01pm 22/03/2005
mood: daojhckjamc
NEW LJ BIOTCHES = Organ_market

go now

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omfg long   
03:55pm 21/03/2005
mood: zombied out

went to that lock in thing and bowled for all eternity, some niggas stole our ball, lotsa rap music, then we played pool, i was good at first but then i got effin tired, oh yea the first thing we did was play this game and win a bazillion tickets and we all bought stuff, ended up me and kristine walked away with free shoes, and derek almost had some. and we all hung out the whole time so it was cool and i got to hang out with katrina and it was fun

we had fun
 we froliced
and we had that other f word w/e it be




Image hosted by Photobucket.com ohh yes

fingers hurt from bowlingCollapse )


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effin sweet   
05:40pm 18/03/2005
mood: zombie
Listen up:
They get your limited lunchpail
With the Superkids Valu-Meal
We don't charge extra touching fees
So touch me, please
And get your free autographed knee pads
And for the homies we've got autographed ski masks
Hell no, we can't get you no free pass
But if you want, you can follow us into rehab

ima robot is friggn sweet yo!


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heck yes   
10:13pm 17/03/2005
mood: zombie lsd
heck yes got to see another free movie a month before it even came out to all you normal people, mwahahahaha, im better than you, anyways it was sin city and it kicks ass, rocked my socks, and all that other good stuff, i got to take some pretty boring pics around my moms office, and i ate at pat & oscars for the first time and it was elegantly lovely, badass sandwiches, heck yes.

steve called me and his computer said it wanted me

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07:45pm 11/03/2005
mood: zombieowww


me hardcore bowling niggas



bowling for niggasCollapse )


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07:53pm 08/03/2005
mood: bored damnit!
ANYBODY wanna hang out sometime soon?

im up for...

-going downtown
-mini golf
-horton plaza
-going to shows
-museums/balboa park
-anything fun.....cant think of anything else ha,

im bored as hell so if you wanna hang out tell me damnit

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07:02pm 08/03/2005
mood: zombied out
hmm nothin goin on here, bored outa my friggn mind, help me out, if you have any ideas to un-bored me tell me damnit, if you cant think of anything then tell me something about me, or whatever go jump off a building, fly a plane, whatever just entertain me or something.

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heck yes!   
11:16pm 07/03/2005
mood: zombied out

new background and user pics = fun with your mom






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10:24pm 07/03/2005
  hmm nothin much goin on here....hmmm yea nuthin....  

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well well   
10:12pm 05/03/2005
mood: zombied out
well today i got 3 fillings, and 1 wisdom tooth pulled...no pain, just tireless efforts and wasted time, i wish i was born without teeth, things cause more problems then not, i could just eat apple sauce and jello and pudding for the rest of my life, well anyways next weekend i got 2 more wisdoms coming out and 2 more fillings comin in, i hate march, its the devil, then next next weekend i got a behind the wheel and i
finally get a new cell phone, woo......yea.................................................go chargers....

got some pimp new shirts :)

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